Payroll Services

We offer payroll services to our clients for our crew working in Indian or outside Indian waters.
Maintaining a computerized payroll system.
Payroll invoice would be on basis of vessel a seafarer is deployed.
All deductions towards on board advances made and payment of statutory dues will be indicated.
All necessary original supportings towards claims made by seafarer will be attached along with payroll invoice for the ship owners/managers approval.
Email the payroll to owners for their approval on a forthnightly or monthly basis as mutually agreed.
Once invoice approved remit salaries to the designated accounts of seafarer after receipt of funds from ship owner/manager.
Issuance of salary slip.
Issuance of necessary tax deduction certificate and deposit the amount into the seafarers account on behalf of shipowner/manager.
Maintaining record of salary slip and receipts of dues paid incase of liaison required with authorities.